Milton Crabapple – How to remove bones from fried fish

Fried fish are one of my all-time favorite foods. When we were kids, fried fish was a staple around the Crabapple house.  We spent a lotta time fishin’.  And we didn’t practice “catch & release”.  No sir.  We practiced “catch, batter & fry”!

Back then, if’n somebody handed you a acheter du cialis en ligne fried fish and you just ate it…kinda like corn on the cob. You didn’t whine fer somebody to remove the meat from the bones. You did that yourself. If’n you couldn’t do it, you were looked upon with suspicion…kinda like there was somethin’ wrong with you.

So…in case you happen to be one’a them suspicious type folks…just click on the arrow and watch this short video and I’ll show you how to eat a fried fish!

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