Milton Crabapple – How to remove bones from fried fish

Fried fish are one of my all-time favorite foods. When we were kids, fried fish was a staple around the Crabapple house.  We spent a lotta time fishin’.  And we didn’t practice “catch & release”.  No sir.  We practiced “catch, batter & fry”! Back then, if’n somebody handed you a acheter du cialis en ligne […]

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How to cook fried green tomatoes – Milton Crabapple recipes

It’s that time of the year when the viagra pas cher garden starts producin’ wonderful things…like fresh home grown tomatoes.  And sometimes you just gotta pick’em before they get ripe and batter’em up and fry’em.  It’s a southern thing I guess…and one of my favorites! Click on the arrow and watch the short video below […]

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